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Ball Runner
Just how skilled are you? Featuring many levels of fast action, where you must travel with your ball through the courses. Avoid the obsticles along the way.


March 19th 2015 - All games have been re-released, fixing a bug which is causing some startup problems. The reason for this is unknown but is suspected to be something to do with the iOS8 updates. The new version should be stable, and will not crash. However, if you are still seeing this problem, it is advised to first of all , make sure you have the latest version from the app store, Secondly, completly remove the app from the device , and reinstall it. It looks like when an update occurs, some of the data is not being completely removed.

March 3rd 2015 - A Bug has been fixed for the points scoring on WordSearch. A new release is expected to be available in a few days.

February 13th 2015 - New versions of the Sudoku game are being released within the week. These will fix a bug that is preventing deleting of saved games. Also, there are fixes for Solitaire, in which the daily game sometimes does not save your score.

January 12th 2014 - The Crossword Game v2.7, has now been released by Apple, and is available in the App Store to update.
The new release contains fixes for crashing on startup, and speed improvements. Please visit the App Store, or click here to get the latest version.

January 11th 2015
The new crossword game is currently with Apple waiting to be released. It should be around 10 days.
We have tested against the new iOS8 release and have fixed all previous issues.

December 20th 2014 - New Crossword Game Startup Problem.
A recent update to the crossword games is causing existing players to have problem loading the game. In some instances this is caused by a big word update that need to be downloaded to the game, and can take several minutes the first time you run it.
If the game crashes after installing, and does not open, Please remove the installed version completely , and install from the app store.

We appologise for this, and are looking into a fix as soon as possible.

We would like to wish all player a very happy Christmas , and New Year.

November 27th 2014
Sudoku has now been released.
A new game - Naughts and Crosses is now waiting for review.
Its a multiplayer or solo game. With a difference...

November 21st 2014
Our Sudoku HD game is now in review , and should be available in the next day.
Another game, Super Crystals HD is currently waiting for review by Apple.

November 3rd 2014
Wordris and Jigsaw have now been release and are available to download in the app store.

September 2014
We have been busy developing 2 brand new games, which will be available around the 22nd October 2014.

This is a brand new and unique game, like a wordsearch, but with a tetris feel. You are given a word to search for,and must press the letters in order to complete the word. After completing a word, another one will arrive. During your game, items will drop with the letters, these include extra time bonus, and score multipliers. There are also some bad blocks, which stop the letters falling.


Unlimited Jigsaws FREE.

If you like jigsaws, then you will love this.. The game allows you to play multiple sizes upto 16x16 pieces, and as small as 2x2, which is great for small kids. There is a help system , which allows you to sort the pieces by Color or edge. You can even start to put together groups of pieces, and move those independently.

We are continuing to develop more apps, and will keep you posted on whats going to arrive next.

Thanks for playing...